Views from the Haus - 05 June 07 2013, 1 Comment

It's a quiet and sunny morning here. I had dreams about donuts last night, so, I think at some point today, I'm going to have myself a donut.


Donut! This was wheat free and vegan at Bob's Red Mill Store. I've had them before, but this one was a little too dense for my liking. Did you know, I once saw THE Bob and his wife, shopping at his own store! It was the coolest. He looks exactly like he does on the bag!


Cats 'n boxes. What is it that they love about them? Such profound mysteries.


A pretty puppy waiting patiently for her owner at the grocery store. She was so well behaved!


I found this while meandering the aisles at New Seasons. It's locally grown and milled! Very special indeed.


I looove to bake, but I can't do it too often, because I can literally eat a whole loaf of bread in a day. It's just so fun making your own bread.


These horses are part of a larger herd. They're in a local "Explorers League" for teenagers. You volunteer your time to care for them and you get to ride in exchange. Many of the horses are rescues. Portland General Electric allows them to reside on their land, which is why you can see that substation in the background! I get to see them every time I ride my bike to work. They're an adorable and well cared for bunch.


Ye olde soap rack. It's a little more full than this right now. We've got about three new batches of soap we'll be unveiling on the 20th ;)


That's all for now folks. Have a beautiful weekend :)