Views From the Haus - 04 October 21 2017, 0 Comments

Good morning everyone!

It's been a minute since I've done one of these ;) Right now it's raining and it's also my birthday! So I'm taking the day off to enjoy the rain and eventually some burritos and beer, followed by cake and ice cream! 27 was great, but I plan on making 28 kick ass!

I thought I'd share with you what's been going on in Instagram land...


A neighbors cat, keeping a sharp eye on me while I walked to the gym one day.


Simple delicious noms! I like my bananas nice and spotty too, is that weird?


Ok, this thing... IS AWESOME. It's, indescribably delicious. It's a cashew and coconut cream based treat with tons of pure vanilla flavor and these chunks of cocoabutter and cacao that just melt in your mouth. They're expensive, so I don't buy them often, but they're worth it.


Moss carpets everywhere this time of year. 


I can never make enough of these buggers! I need elves.


My hair has faded from this brightness. It's almost pinkish up front now, my hair always fades more in the front. I think it's due to running my fingers through it and it coming into contact with water and cleansers on a daily basis. My goal? Lavenderish locks and a tan this summer. Oh, how I love the sun.


The first of many maneki neko bits that will be in our reception room. They're symbols of luck and beckon in good business. 


Reading a lot about fairies these day.


Lots of soap production last week and even more next week. As a matter of fact, that's all I plan on doing next week. Soap, soap, soap. I plan on getting all of general catalog restocked along with summer soaps done too. So excited to soap up White Blueberry! I think it'll be awesome.

That's all I've got for now. I have a huge backlog of Instagram photos I want to share. I may break it up into themes, I have so many flower and custom perfume pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!