Good Morning Monday - 05 February 25 2013, 4 Comments

Looks like I'm finally settling into a good work schedule, that first week was a bit bumpy! I finally sat down and worked out a weekly schedule for myself, just yesterday. I also did Spring production planning and finalized two new Spring scents!

I'm getting right to the chase here, I have lots and lots of Bubble Scrubs to make after this blog post. I'm restocking the entire general catalog today, hopefully. So, here's what's happening this week at the Haus!


  • General catalog Bubble Scrub restocks, today.
  • Valentines products being marked down today.
  • Wednesday/Thursday general catalog Pumpkin Butter and Body Emulsion restocks.
  • Spring production begins Friday! Newsletter/blog post soon.


That's all guys. I'm off to start whipping up some scrubs! 

Have an excellent Monday everyone :)