Good Morning Monday - 03 February 04 2013, 9 Comments

Not quite morning, but almost afternoon here! It's been a pretty busy morning. I woke up early and decided to (once again) begin my Couch to 5k program on my smartphone. So, I went out and did a brisk walk and run. It felt pretty darn good. Thankfully my legs didn't take too much of a beating, all my kettlebell lifting has paid off ;) I'm pretty determined to stick with the running... I keep telling myself, 'Do, or do not. There is no try.' Thanks Yoda.

So, on to more important things...


    • We are currently doing our best to maintain restocks, stuff is selling out fast though! Especially that Come Hither. I don't think it was very popular last year, so it really came as a surprise to see it selling out left and right. We have a shortage on 6oz jar lids and 2oz jars right now, so we are unable to restock most items for the time being. They've been on order as of yesterday, so they should be showing up soon. 
    • We didn't get to sign the lease for our space last Friday. I guess there was something going on with the property management and they rescheduled with us. We go in tomorrow at 5pm and get our keys! Finally. Now we need to start making preparations on moving in. No date on that yet, but I will surely keep you updated on that development. I sense that lots of pictures will be taken.
    • Also, Perfume, Made for You has been fixed and single note descriptions are up as well. That means that I will officially be getting on those new notes! Now that those are back up and running, I am going to be doing a weekly blog post showcasing a weeks worth of custom perfumes. So expect to see your creations and fellow customers blends right here!

    So, I think this week we'll be busy with the space and since we have the jar and lid shortage I'll be working on soap. I need to tend to soap badly right now as it is. Troika has been selling like mad. I already need to do another batch. There's just something about a simple bar of white soap, I suppose.


    I did want to ask all of you a question. What kind of content would you like to see on the blog, besides what I'm already generating? Do you have any topics you'd like me to cover? It can be Haus related business, or general life at the Haus. I'd like to know what interests you.

    Have a fantastic Monday everyone and I look forward to hearing from you! And I'll be leaving you with a little Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted...

    "Never you mind. There's nothing wrong with it that can't be fixed with a bit of, you know what, in the head department!"