Good Morning Monday - 02 October 21 2017, 6 Comments

 Good morning everyone! Or afternoon/evening, where ever you might be.

I wish outside looked like this picture does right now... I took this a few days ago on a foggy morning walk. The sun was spilling through the trees, it was pretty magical.

So yesterday was pretty crazy! The Valentine's release on the new website went off with some issues, but we got those ironed out. It was a pretty stressful morning, hah. I know checkout wasn't the easiest, and we're working on making that better. We are currently waiting for our direct credit card processor to be approved, I'm thinking that will come in sometime this week. That'll make checkout much easier for you guys and hopefully dramatically decrease the level of cart lifting. 

Currently we are working on getting the Perfume Made for You back up. I'm thinking it'll still be a few more days and in that time I'll be working on getting the new wintery notes in there. If you need one, email us and we can work out brewing one up for you :)

Butterbombs sold out super fast, too! I'm going to be working on double restocks starting hopefully tonight, if not, o'dark thirty Tuesday morning.

So, here's what you can expect this week from the Haus, picking up from what didn't get done last week...

  • Troika product restocks.

  • Fixing Perfume Made for You, so that it's available for purchase. 

  • Butterbomb restocks!

  • Soap production for the rest of the general catalog begins.

  • Spring planning. Yep, it's already that time.


Alright, I've got to prepare myself to head down to city hall and discuss a commercial business license and permits for our eventual new space. Which we are incredibly eager to get in to. I'm so excited to have a bigger, more efficient workspace!

Thank you so much everyone for being patient with us this release. I know it was a bumpy start, but I can promise you it'll be better in the future.

I leave you with some epic Vanilla Fudge...


Have a good Monday everyone!