Soap Pot 01 - Avocado, coconut, aloe. October 21 2017, 2 Comments

I spotted some pure coconut and aloe water in a local health food store a little while ago. Needless to say it got my soap making wheels turning. I thought it would make a luxurious liquid to soap with. Not stopping there, I picked up my favorite brand of coconut milk and a fresh avocado, also for soap!

Here we have the lye solution all mixed up, cooled and ready to go.


I also had some fresh aloe in the kitchen that I picked up at an Asian food market. Naturally, this had to get soaped as well. I trimmed off a small one inch chunk, peeled and diced the gel.

Once I added the lye to the precisely measured oils, I used my handy stick blender and mixed until the raw soap came to trace. At this point, I went ahead and added my diced aloe, avocado and super creamy coconut milk - blending until completely incorporated. I added a wee bit of French green clay for color and of course I had to scent this bordering on edible soap up! I wanted to evoke something clean and fresh, but creamy, because of the addition of avocado and coconut... I formulated a blend of pure essential oils: Parsley, local peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir lime, bergamot and dry gingergrass. It's a tad sharp on the nose when you smell it freshly blended, but once soaped, it takes the edge off and becomes quite creamy.

In the mold it goes!

I really like to gel my soaps, I just love the mild translucency you get. Gel phase is when the lye and oils begin the magical process of saponifying. This creates heat and you can encourage this heat by keeping your soap mold in a warm place. I like to use the oven at the lowest temperature and I pull it out once it has completely gelled up.

Here we are! All gelled up.


And our final product, an insanely luxurious bar of soap!

This batch of soap will be available in our Etsy shop once it has cured up. Thank you for reading and looking!