Haus goes on holiday and Etsy comes back! October 21 2017, 4 Comments

Hi everyone! Some Haus news ahead. But first: This holiday season has been awesome and we have each and every one of you to thank for that, so thank you!

The shop will be closed Dec. 12th-18th while we visit family for the holidays. After that, we'll be open and back to work. Right after the 25th we will be opening the Etsy shop to sell off overstocked items, ranging from previous seasons Limited Edition items, rare perfumes and Reverie overstock items. These are items that will not be restocked! Another word about Etsy is that we will eventually be stocking it with rare, limited and prototype items from time to time. It'll be a bit like an open test kitchen, where you can test out and try products we aren't quite ready to put in with our full line-up of products on our direct retail site. It's going to be fun! So instead of my test soaps piling up on a shelf, they'll be made available to you... and lots of other interesting products!

(An orange blossom wax test soap)

I've also been hard at work testing out a silicone free Pumpkin Butter and a propylene glycol free Whipped Soap formula. I am very happy to say I think we've struck gold in that endeavor!

(Propylene glycol free whipped soap!)

And we will also be rolling out a few wintery single notes for Perfume, Made for You.

(Juicy sweet pear, a future single note.)

More on those new developments, later! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend ?