Lan Su Gardens. October 21 2017, 4 Comments

Matt decided to surprised me with a trip out to the Chinese Gardens recently. It was a welcome respite from the chaos that ensues after our biggest release of the year, Fall!

I'll be honest, I actually prefer the Chinese Gardens over the Japanese Gardens. Not to say that the Japanese Gardens aren't wonderful! I just found this visit to be a little bit more interactive, aromatic and relaxing. Getting to the Japanese Gardens from deep Southeast Portland is quite the hike. Plus, at the Lan Su gardens you're close to delicious vegan noms (they have a massive all vegan menu, it's mind boggling) and the age old Portland attraction, Voodoo Donuts. On to the pretties...


The view from the tea shop is excellent! You can see city hawks circle over head, territorial hummingbirds scrapping with each other from the treetops, jays being their usual obnoxious selves.

We had an osmanthus green tea, and the other I think was called jade pearl. The osmanthus was fantastic, I can't help but love most floral teas.  Yummy lychee snacks too. Hm, osmanthus green tea and lychee? Plus the woody smokiness of the tea house... perhaps a new scent coming on!

This guy mast have been the king of the koi pond. He was gargantuan!

And that's all! If you're ever in this neck of the woods, it's definitely worth the $9.50 that it costs to get in. I foresee many cozy visits this winter tucked up in the second floor of the tea house.