Summer Reverie, October 21 2017, 8 Comments

Green Wave

Warm subtropical climates, that's what has been on my mind. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the warmth got a late start. I've been pining for my childhood home in the Florida Keys, thinking of Hawaii and day dreaming of living on a mythical Polynesian island.


Please limit Pumpkin Butter and Bubbling Scrub to 1 each item per customer. Due to the 4th of July weekend and shipping slow down packaging is being delayed. We decided to go ahead and do a small upfront release so that we don't keep you guys waiting! There will be restocks shortly after the initial release.


Haus Amber (Back by popular demand!) - Rich and sultry, our own hand blended accord. (Bubbling scrub, Pumpkin Butter, perfume)

Boca Chica - Rich gardenia blossom, red mandarin, coconut cream and ripe banana. This sounds super fruity, but it is surprisingly not so! (Bubbling scrub, Pumpkin Butter, perfume)

Fe'Ausi - Frangipani, ylang, red manuka and lychee fruits. (Perfume only)

Fukushu - Green tea with kumquats and mandarin. (Perfume only)


You'll find the update in our Reverie section, Tuesday July 5th, 11am PST.