What's been going on... June 12 2011, 4 Comments

The inventory kept me nice and busy last week. We implemented a new inventory system and recipe keeper, Soapmaker over those three days. I'm not totally done getting everything in there, but I got the big chucks taken care of.

I'm knee deep in Halloween scent blending and as I type I've got bits of coffee, popcorn and cotton candy wafting around me! It's a little hard trying to get into the fall mood when its been absolutely glorious and warm outside lately. I deviated a bit from the fall blending and have a few mid-summer Reverie items brewing and stewing. You should be able to find them when we put up the last round of White Raspberry soaps ;)


Time for random things!


Matt bought me some stargazer lilies. They're in the kitchen and releasing a most wonderful creamy fragrance.

I rescued this fuchsia from our neighbor who had set it out to die. It needs to be re-potted, but it sprang back quite well! Can you see the hidden face?

Back to blending and soaping. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!