What's for dinner (or lunch), June 13 2011, 3 Comments

Still raw! Sorta. I think I would categorize myself as high raw, for the purists out there. I'll munch on a Larabar when I get a sweet craving or need something fast. I did slip up and had a packet of Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter. I was out out running errands in the city and while I was searching for some sun dried tomatoes (is there some sort of shortage? They're out everywhere!) then I saw the Justin's on the shelf. I couldn't help myself! I loved Nutella when I was an omnivore and I could not resist the opportunity that had presented itself. It's basically vegan Nutella. It could have been worse, but I could have made a better choice. On to not so naughty things...


Mmm, mmm, mm. This, or a similar version of this has been my main meal last week. It's a variation of this recipe right here: Sweet potato pasta with tangy marinara.

I don't recommend the oil packed sun dried tomatoes. Try looking in the bulk section of your health food store for the dry variety. For some reason I was unable to find any in the SE Portland area while I was out running errands the other day. Matt found some at our small local store though, the last dregs of the bulk bin, I don't know if they'll be restocking them though. There is an online source at Raw Guru.

I didn't use the sweet potato like the recipe called for. Something about an uncooked tuber just didn't seem appetizing to me, so I reached for the zucchini. I used sunflower seed and some pecan in my version. It's really delicious and very easy. I keep leftovers in a tub in the fridge and when I'm ready for more I shred up some zucchini and done! Toss in some extra sprouted seeds, chopped veg and tomatoes and you've got yourself a hearty meal. Once I've done that, it looks something like this:


Happy eating!