What's for breakfast October 21 2017, 5 Comments

I started the real rawness June 2nd. I said I was going to start June 1st, but there was a Luna bar and some white beans in a vinaigrette that were had that day so technically June 1st doesn't count. I'm on day five now and I'm feeling pretty darn good!

This has been my powerhouse of a breakfast, probably the meal I look forward to the most... muesli!

For me personally, this is probably the most energizing breakfast I've ever eaten. I usually tuck into this at about 7-7:30am and I'm not getting hunger pangs till about noon, it's filling, but not at all heavy feeling.


What you need:

  • Overnight soaked raw nuts and seeds and sprouted seeds. My current nut and seed mixture that I keep in the fridge is almond, pumpkin seed, sunflower and pecan. You can use any variety of nuts and or seeds that you wish, just make sure they're not toasted and that they're raw!
  • Fruit, dried and fresh. Again, whatever you like. My basics are apples and bananas. In the photo above I also have mango and some raisins. If you have brown or spotty bananas, mash it up and mix it in, very ripe bananas add lots of sweetness. Berries would be great as would  melons, peaches, pears, grapes, shredded carrot, anything goes!
  • Milk, plant based or fresh fruit juice. Almond milk is my favorite raw nut milk, it has a sweet and neutral flavor. I've done hazelnut, it has quite a green flavor. You could also do oat milk, coconut, anything you prefer. I am currently using some organic vanilla Silk soymilk, I know! Not technically raw, but I have two gallons that need to be consumed - I'm not letting them go to waste!
  • Spices and other goodies! Zazz it up. You'd be surprised at how much a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg can really bring out the natural sweetness in fruits. Flaked coconut and sesame seeds are great too!
  • Salt. It probably sounds silly that I would mention salt, but it makes the flavor in everything come alive. Just a pinch!


  • Nuts and seeds. Take your overnight soaked seeds and nuts and pulse them in a food processor with spices and the pinch of salt. I pulse my mixture until it is somewhat fine, no large chunks of nuts visible. Process them to the consistency you desire.
  • Fruits. Pretty self explanatory. Chop, slice, dice and smash whatever you wish. I usually keep a small tub of whatever fruit I'm using prepped and in the fridge for ease.
  • Milk. Once I've worked my way through my soy milk I'll be making almond milk. It's very easy and I recommend this how to here.

Put it all together!

I use 1/4 cup nut and seed mixture to at least two whole fruits, usually apple and banana. 1/4 cup milk and any other additions, coconut flake, raisins, etc. Mix it all thoroughly and enjoy!

The possibilities with this breakfast are probably endless. There is no real way to do it wrong either, just mix it all up and enjoy!