What's been going on... June 03 2011, 6 Comments

Thank you everyone for an amazing summer release! You guys have kept Matt and I very, very busy to say the least. Over the next few weeks we'll be restocking limited editions, general catalog and I'm currently in the blending and testing phase of Halloween scents as well!

This is mostly a touching base kinda post, nothing very specific that I want to say. On to the random notes!


I kicked off June with the decision to go raw for an entire month (and longer if I can keep going!). I've done it once before and it felt amazing. A very lovely customer suggested some raw eating themed posts and I couldn't agree more. So you'll see be seeing some of that this month. Lots of food!



Copper tubs. It'd be dreamy to bathe in that's for sure, but a total pain to clean and polish!