Noms! No Bake Date Bars FTW October 21 2017, 3 Comments

I'm on a bit of a diet. Winter fat layer needs to come off and my sweets need to be reigned in!

I do have to have a little something though, a little treat that I can have every now and again to quell the sweet toothy beast. Life without the occasional satisfactory treat is well, hell.

So you cant imagine how excited I was when  found this recipe:

Five ingredients!



Filling and satisfying!


Not too guilty feeling while eating it...

Date bars!

I made them plain at first, and with the second batch I added cinnamon to the dry mix and saffron to the date paste, which added an excellent exotic flavor. With the next batch I think I'll add orange zest and rose water! Mmm. The two main ingredients that I think make this recipe irresistible is the coconut oils richness and the salt bringing out the flavor of each ingredient.

I'll tease you no longer, the recipe was found here. Dig through her blog, there are some amazing recipes to be found!