Catalog restored - No Discontinued Scents! April 12 2011, 17 Comments

(Cross-posted from our newsletter)

We come to you with tails between our legs, totally blown away by the response that we recieved to last week's announcement about scent discontinuation. Many of you wrote to us, saying that a particular product was your "holy grail" and life just wouldn't be the same without it. In light of this, we had no choice but to re-think our plan.

We will NOT be discontinuing ANY products - those that are currently sold out wil be returning soon. Our intent is to expand the general catalog from our current line up of 16 scents to 21. The first new scents available will be Insalata Nocturna and Honeysuckle Lemon Curd - these two items will be filtering into the shop during the next few weeks. We plan to announce the remaining new scents in the coming weeks.

There may be some gaps in availability as we phase in this new plan - it will require a reset of our work space (which is only about 500sf - so things will be a tight squeeze) but we will do our absolute best to get this worked out ASAP.

All of you really do mean the world to us! We have made some awesome friends and met a lot of wonderful people during the time that we have been running HoG and we really do feel that we owed it to all of you on this one.

Matt & Britton