Lotion & Pumpkin Butter Update! March 23 2011, 5 Comments

(cross-posted from newsletter)

Greetings! I hope that the start of Spring finds you well. I know we're excited for the weather to start warming up out here!

A couple of quick announcements...

Body Emulsions and Pumpkin Butters will begin trickling into the store starting April 4th and should be completely in stock by the 9th. We've upgraded to making both moisturizers in 5 gallon batches, that way we'll have much more consistent stock on a regular basis. Many thanks to you all for being so patient while we work out the kinks!

Also, new and improved lip balms will be making a comeback! Our new formula includes Pomegranate seed oil, one of the most amazing oils I have had the pleasure of working with. Its light, rich, non-greasy, absorbs beautifully and has a cushion like texture on the lips. These should begin to appear shortly after the restock on lotions and butters.

My goal is, that by May everything in the store will be stocked! I understand the frustration of trying to order when one of your favorite items are out of stock. Once again, I appreciate your patience with us as we grow!