Posting will resume & a few notes! October 21 2017, 3 Comments

I know it's been quiet around here. I got back into town late Friday night, after spending a week visiting family before they make a cross country move. Got to see all of my brothers and sisters all grown up and my parents. It was a wonderful time!

Today begins hardcore Body Emulsion and Pumpkin Butter making! I got this bad boy in the mail just yesterday:

We went from small 60 oz batches to 5gal batches! Crazy huh? It'll make life so much easier and help keep more products in stock, more often.

I'm also in full swing summer scent blending. All that has been on my mind is warm florals, cantaloupes and ripe Oregon berries! We will have three new fragrance and two returns of last year limited edition fragrances. One of which will be going full time catalog! More on that, soon ;)

Also, we will be sending out a very important newsletter (it will also be cross-posted here) first thing tomorrow morning, so be on the look out.

All that said, regular posting will resume starting now!