Hey everyone! Each week we will be highlighting a single note from our Perfume Made for You selection. All orders over $25 will receive that week's highlighted single note. This freebie is an addition to the free perfume sample we give out with all orders.


This week's highlighted single note is...




Sweet Cream

If you're familiar with our "white" notes in White Raspberry and White Blueberry, you'll love this one. It's a creamy, clean and faintly sweet. This hand blended accord contains peru balsam and an elegant vanilla bean co2 extract that smells like a jar of vanilla infused sugar. It starts off a little powdery but milky and sweet. As it settles on the skin it dries down into a warm creamy and comforting scent. It pairs well with all fruits, woods and could be used to soften sharp herbal notes. Blend together some Lavender, Sage, Chamomile and Sweet Cream and you'd have a lovely dreamy and calming scent. Don't be afraid to blend this with resins either! I can see this working particularly well with Dragons Blood, Labdanum or Frankincense. Reach for this when you want to add a softness or creamy feeling to your blend.